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Selena Rezvani. Pushback

Опубликовано 19.04.2016 - В Рубриках:Бизнес, Психология

Название: Pushback
Автор: Selena Rezvani
Язык: английский
Формат: mp3
Размер: 275 mb
Self-advocacy is critical to success. Yet women initiate negotiations four times less often than men, resulting in getting less of what they want―promotion opportunities, plum assignments, and higher pay. This audiobook shines a light on the real rules of holding your own and pushing back for what is rightfully yours

Drawing on interviews with high-level leaders, Rezvani offers listeners in the first half of their career the unedited truth about how women have asked their way to the top and triumphed―and how you can too.

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