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Robert Greene. The 33 Strategies Of Wa / Роберт Грин. 33 стратегии войны

Опубликовано 02.06.2018 - В Рубриках:Бизнес

Название: The 33 Strategies Of Wa / 33 стратегии войны
Автор: Robert Greene
Язык: английский
Формат: mp3
Размер: 779 mb
Новая книга Роберта Грина не просто очередной шокирующий и интригующий мировой бестселлер. «33 стратегии войны» — незаменимый путеводитель по кажущейся часто безмятежной, но предельно жестокой и абсолютно бескомпромиссной игре под названием «Жизнь».

The 33 Strategies of War by Robert Greene is a «guide to the subtle social game of everyday life informed by the … military principles in war.». It consists of discussions and examples on offensive and defensive strategies from a wide variety of people and conditions such as Napoleon Bonaparte, Lawrence of Arabia, Alexander the Great, and the Tet Offensive.
The book is divided into five parts: Self-Directed Warfare, Organizational (Team) Warfare, Defensive Warfare, Offensive Warfare and Unconventional (Dirty) Warfare. Each part contains a differing number of strategies, each in a chapter. Each chapter has a similar layout. Descriptions of battles, political and business situations are accompanied by Greene’s interpretation. There are occasional instructional sections followed by examples. All chapters end with a «Reversal» to give a brief discussion of where the strategy may not apply, a contrary view or defense. Throughout the book Mr. Greene includes quotes from a variety of sources. These are incorporated in the margins and between sections.
Although one reviewer has called the book «an indispensable book, [which] provides all the psychological ammunition you need to overcome patterns of failure and forever gain the upper hand,»another one found it «perplexing — if not downright unhealthy — [to publish] a book on the lessons of war for everything but war at a time when we [Canada] are, er, at war.» Yet another reviewer found the book’s coverage of military history informative, but the political tales «mostly foolish or just plain wrong».
The 33 Strategies of War was part of the reading list for youths attending the Indigenous Leadership Forum organised by the University of Victoria, which aimed to redesign radical Indigenous politics and the Indigenist movement. It is also read by students attending a Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary course in Christian apologetics.


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